Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I've decided that every once in awhile, I'll hold a discussion about something that is relevant to books and reading. I know that I LOVE to talk about anything "bookish" and would love to hear your thoughts on the topics that I will be posting!

Today's discussion is about Oprah. I grew up watching her on tv and am feeling sad that tomorrow is her last show ever! I was wondering if anyone else is sad that her show is coming to an end and if you were ever impacted by her bookclub? Did one of the books she picked in the past resonate with you in some way? Did her bookclub and her love of reading inspire you to read more or to love reading even more?

I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Happy reading!


  1. Some of my all time favorite reads are Oprah picks. Some of them I read before she chose them, other because she chose them. My mom and I would often read them and then discuss over the phone as we lived thousands of miles away from each other. I love to see others excited about books.

  2. I have never been a Bookclub girl and definitely didn't enjoy her choices unfortunately.

    BUT I will miss her, what a huge part of our history, amazing woman for sure.

  3. Honestly I knew her last show was coming up but didn't know when until just now. I have over the years picked up a few of her book club reads the only one (that I read) that really stuck with me was White Oleander.