Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards

Synopsis in a Sentence: Elizabeth Edwards chronicles the tragedies and joys of her life in this inspiring and emotion filled memoir.

My Thoughts: After Elizabeth Edward's recent passing, I decided to pull this book from my bookshelf and give it a deeper look. The first time I read it, I simply enjoyed reading about a popular "celebrity" type person in our society. However, this time, I really delved deeply into the emotions which are so raw and alive in this book. As a woman, I love the feelings of sisterhood and connection that you get when reading about other women such as this admirable lady. In some ways, the life of a woman is the life of us all. We go through so many of the same things...making friends, losing friends, creating a family, being a mother, daughter, sister, significant other. We have health problems, we go through ups and downs in our romantic relationships, we build careers or are stay at home moms etc...Elizabeth Edwards was an Everywoman. She demonstrated, much like Princess Diana in my opinion, that it is possible to go through these joys and sorrows with grace and dignity. It is comforting to know that even wealthy and famous women encounter the same problems as the rest of us. It is how we deal with what happens to us, which sets us apart. I encourage you to read this book and let Elizabeth's optimism and zest for life soak into you and perhaps give you hope in navigating the storms in your own life.

What I liked least: Reading about John Edward's excuses and lies to Elizabeth are painful to hear. They make you want to throw the book across the room in anger on her behalf!

What I liked most: Elizabeth's description and rememberances of her son, Wade are touching and beautiful. They shine on the page and give you a true sense of her deep love for him.

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  1. Brilliant review. I don't usually read memoir-themed novels (I prefer fantasy/fiction), but this one looks so sad and beautiful. She does sound Princess Diana-esque, what with the gay marriage advocate, health care activist, and more.
    It sounds like an amazing memoir - one that I may consider reading... (:

    And thank you for following me back! I agree: cracked spines are the worst, followed by dog-ears (that you only notice after you've bought the book and are home... or is that just me?) and bent pages. :)