Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review of Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

Synopsis in a Sentence: Cora isn't sure she's in the holiday spirit this year as she's tired of family drama, but she finds festivity (and love) when she's invited to a Christmas ball.

My Thoughts:

This was such a fun, fast, and sweet read for Christmas. I love reading holiday themed books around Christmas and this was a good one. I actually noticed this book last year, but was too busy reading a lot of other books, and didn't pick it up. But I'm glad I remembered it for this year (thank you GoodReads to-read lists)!

Anyways, the plot is pretty simple. Cora is a vulnerable business woman who starts to fall for her boss, who is pretty stoic and doesn't have a lot of personal interaction with his employees. They bump into one another at a quaint bookstore, and begin a friendship. It turns out that Simon (her boss) is actually a really nice guy who helps take care of his mother, aunt, and sister after his dad dies. They both receive mysterious invitations to attend a Christmas ball, hosted by the owners of the bookshop where they first began talking.The rest of the story leads up to the ball, which is the conclusion of the story.

Pretty cliche of course, as we know they are being set up in a "fairy godmother" type way, and that they will eventually fall in love. However, it's still a pretty charming and cozy little story. It's a Christian Cinderella Christmas story!

The author, Donita K. Paul, has also written a Christian fantasy series about dragons, of which I've read the first book. I didn't realize she had branched out into regular fiction until I saw this. It's cool when authors write Christmas books...it's similar to when your favorite music artist records a Christmas album!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have an amazing New Year :)!


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